Dueling Obama/Clinton videos on SNL, Super Deluxe

Hey, know how that presidential campaign between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nod is so fierce? Hey, know how those NBA Playoffs commercials splitting face time and voice time for competing players looks and sounds so neat? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone had the idea to make a video like that about Obama and Clinton? Would it be nicer if two someones had that idea?

Here is the video from Team Tiger Awesome that went up on Super Deluxe on May 14:

Here is the video that appeared on Saturday Night Live on May 17:

Of course, you haven’t heard or read much about these two videos being similar because, well, it’s so parallel thinking I’m surprised I haven’t seen it everywhere (and if it was on MADtv last weekend, that wouldn’t shock me, either, except I keep forgetting about MADtv, which is another issue, entirely). Not another issue, entirely: Everyone already has seemed to have forgotten about Super Deluxe. Including Super Deluxe.

By the way, the entire episode of last weekend’s MADtv appears after the jump. In case you’d forgotten, too.

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