Anyone hoping, wishing, waiting for Dave Attell to make his return to TV will be happy to learn that the wait will soon be over. Attell returns to Comedy Central on July 17 with the premiere of the new version of The Gong Show.

Yes, that Gong Show.

Here’s what Attell had to say to me exclusively about taking over the reins of this talent show gone awry: "The Gong Show is very relevant, because it was in the 70s when the economy was in the sh#$!er and gas was very expensive," he said. "But there’s going to be no Fonz to save us this time." Just Attell, I suppose! Back then, he added: "We were going to elect a Democratic lady named Jimmy Carter. A sassy little lady with a heart of gold."

Eight half-hour episodes have been ordered. No word yet on who the "celebrities" will be to make up the judging panel. But if you’d like to take your turn onstage, submissions for contestants are already being accepted at