An open mic at Rififi?

Well, sure. Why not? The East Village comedy venue remains open, after all. And you actually bought into those closing rumors. Again. Didn’t you? Fret not. The joint once known for Cinema Classics and now known as Rififi continues to run a bar with friendly bartenders and a live performance space in the back with shows Tuesdays-Saturdays. And tonight, friend of many a comedy blog Mo Diggs will launch and host his own monthly open mic after Gelmania.

He explains it’ll work like so: Show up at 10 p.m. to sign up for lottery for seven slots. First six to perform (5-minute sets) will be announced at 10:15. Show starts at 10:30. As Diggs brings the sixth person onstage, he’ll announce who gets the lucky seventh slot and "headlines" with a closing 10-minute set. Thus ensuring anyone leftover who wants to perform sticks around!

Sean L. McCarthy

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