Spent most of the day in a productive meeting (more on that later?) and happily returned back to my Internet to find that Louis CK had signed a sitcom deal with CBS — with script commitment, which means it will air on primetime television! (Punchline bloggy notes here) The show reunites him with Lucky Louie co-star Pamela Adlon, putting them back together as TV marrieds with kids. So the Save Lucky Louie campaign had some impact, after all? CK reported the news on his site without further comment (for now).

Perhaps this is what CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler meant when she told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this week: "We’d
like to open another night for comedy. That’s definitely on
" CK’s deal comes on the heels of Mike Birbiglia’s pilot production, so perhaps they’ll end up on a new stand-up sitcom night.

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