Kristen Schaal wins over Melbourne

You may have heard or read that Kristen Schaal shared the Barry Award for best act at the 2008 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The award is named after the Australian festival’s founding patron, Barry Humphries (whom Americans probably would know better by his better-known character, Dame Edna). Anyhow. What really got me was seeing this video of Schaal with her comedy partner, Kurt Braunohler, on the big stage in Melbourne. It’s one thing watching this sketch in a New York theater or bar’s back room. It’s quite another with the arena crowd and the TV broadcast. Saw them do this bit in Las Vegas, but this has to be the biggest audience they’ve played to, right? Watch and enjoy. As the show’s host says: "I just love that raw enthusiasm."

Also, this is a good time to mention my friends at Comedysmack, who relayed this video to my inbox. Please join me in welcoming them to my links section.

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