Seinfeld’s car crash in the Hamptons (He’s OK!)

Jerry Seinfeld flipped his car in the Hamptons on Saturday night after the brakes gave out on his 1967 Fiat. So I take it news travels slowly back from the Hamptons to New York City?! Because the New York Post claims an exclusive on the story today, which is Thursday. Five days later. It takes five days for the world to find out that Seinfeld was in a car crash in New York? Ahem. Anyhow. Here is the Post’s story, which quotes both Jerry and wife Jessica as well as the East Hampton police chief. The New York Times follows up with some questioning of the car in question. And my friends at Punchline Magazine report that Seinfeld was OK enough to show up last night for an unannounced guest set at the Comedy Cellar, where I’d suppose he might have mentioned it, or not.

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