This wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, as the New York Post‘s Page Six made Dane Cook its lead item on Tuesday with the banner headline, "Seriously, This Guy Isn’t Funny." They report on the ongoing Unfunniest Comic bracket contest conducted up in Boston by radio jocks Toucher & Rich (which I documented on Saturday after reading it on Gawker, where Page Six also probably picked up on it). Page Six goes on to lump some odd diva allegations on Cook. The backlash against Cook, who remains hugely popular as a touring standup comedian if not entirely successful on the big screen, isn’t altogether surprising. But what continues to surprise me is how it’s a Boston radio station that’s going after its own homegrown star, who has sold out Boston’s TD Banknorth Garden on his past two tours. You’d think more than a few of Cook’s fans also listen to the station (WBCN-FM).

Here’s the quote from WBCN-FM afternoon radio jock Fred Toucher:

"We were talking about how people laugh out loud at nonsense and
Dane is a good example of that," Toucher told Page Six. "We’d listen to
him and at the end of four minutes he’d change subjects, and that was
it. We couldn’t figure out when the joke was.

"And he’s
actually hated. People don’t hate others they way they do him. At least
Foxworthy panders to rednecks. Dane’s stories are so weak you wouldn’t
want to hear them over lunch."