If you’ve read one Brian Posehn interview…

Brian Posehn gets his second Comedy Central Presents on the air tonight, and coincidentally, he’ll be headlining Comix in New York City this weekend. When I saw him at the tapings in August, Posehn was very nice, and even watched the comedians the night before him perform. In his set (which has a heavy metal themed backdrop, in case you couldn’t guess that), he swore a lot, so expect several bleeps.

When Posehn works the road, though, he must get a little weary of reading his own press. Because it all reads, well, so familiar…

The opening lines from recent Posehn interviews:
March 6, Peoria Journal Star: "You might not know Brian Posehn’s name, but you probably recognize his face."

March 21, Tallahassee Democrat: "You may not immediately know his name, but it’s hard to forget his face."

From back in the day, via Kittenpants: "You may not recognize the name, but
you’ll never forget the face of Brian Posehn, comedy’s tallest,
deepest-voiced, dearest nerd."

So apparently, all you need to know about Brian Posehn is his face. Got it? Good. Now forget it. And watch these videos from Posehn’s Comedy Central Presents and his recent SXSW appearance.

More videos with Posehn after the jump.

Comedy Central’s interviews with Posehn:

A NSFW snippet of Posehn from SXSW in Austin:

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