Comedy Central picks up two new shows

Comedy Central announced today it would go forward with two new shows, and neither is the show you’re probably thinking about.

The first? David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News (working title). A fake newsmagazine show. The folks behind it: The series will be executive produced by Grier ("Little Man"), Robert Morton ("Mind of Mencia"), Fax Bahr and Adam Small ("MADtv") and Generate’s Peter Aronson and Jordan Levin. Debut in early 2009.

The second? Reality Bites (also working title). A reality spoof. If that’s possible anymore. With comedians competing. Get it? Here’s the rest of the description, straight from Comedy Central: "The show features comedians in an elimination-style "reality"
competition where every episode is a self-contained spoof of one of the
major reality formats, such as "Are You Smarter Than A Monkey?," "So
You Think You Can Dive!," "Almost American Gladiators" and "The Amazing
Disgrace." The winner will end up being the "last comic standing" and
will win a cash prize. "Reality Bites" is executive produced by 3Ball
Production’s ("The Biggest Loser") J.D. Roth, Todd Nelson and Adam
Greener." Debuting this summer.

Perhaps you were hoping, as I were, for a pickup of Speed Freaks (featuring A.D. Miles and Zach Galifianakis) or The Scariest Show on Television (hosted by Paul F. Tompkins and exec produced by Brett Gelman and Jon Daly, among others). Well, those will have to wait for another press release.

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