Behind the CCPs: Bonnie McFarlane & Rich Vos

Though they taped their half-hour specials on different nights in August, Comedy Central just couldn’t keep the married-with-child comedy sweethearts (if anything but sweet onstage) of Bonnie McFarlane and Rich Vos apart on the night after Valentine’s Day. And so it is that their Comedy Central Presents will make two beasts with one back-to-back tonight. Who says Last Comic Standing has no soul? The NBC "reality" comedy competition did help play matchmaker for these two stand-ups, after all. Enough with the metaphors, already.

What you really want to know is this: Bonnie McFarlane was much funnier than I’d seen her in years past. While still capable of delivering punchline groaners to the audience, the new mother opened with plenty of funny baby jokes. And Rich Vos stood near me in the back of the theater, quietly trying to laugh and keep their baby happy in a stroller in the wings. I wrote down the term "soft-shell crab" in my notebook, and months later wonder why (maybe it’s in the act?). Here’s one thing that won’t be in McFarlane’s act: Comedy Central producers made her come back onstage after her set to redo one joke’s line from, "Do you know what I find to be really queer?" to "really gay?" How many do-overs would they have forced out of Jane Fonda?

Anyhow. Interviews!

And now, a tease from Rich Vos:

Two more video snippets after the jump!

Nice T-shirt, Rich!

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