Jimmy Kimmel, back with writers

I almost forgot Jimmy Kimmel. My bad. Kimmel returned to the airwaves, too, last night, and mentioned the writers right off the bat. Confetti dropped. Horns blared. "So sit back and get ready for top-notch professionally-made comedy," Kimmel said. "And I’ll let you know when it kicks in." He talked about how writers had to watch all of this craziness happen without being able to joke about it. "Another gift from the comedy gods: Roger Clemens," he said. Which led to jokes and clips and a Carrot Top joke. "Welcome back, writers!" He said that’s when the confetti was supposed to fall. "Are other people on strike now?" he asked. "Are they on shifts?"

Which reminds me, I didn’t include this earlier, and you may have seen it, but still. Recently, Sarah Silverman produced this anniversary gift for her boyfriend, Kimmel. Yes, this is the Matt Damon revenge video.

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