Damon Wayans and WayOutTV

When I last spoke with Damon Wayans a few months ago, I already knew of his plans to launch his own online humor site, WayOutTV. He told me in November: "I’m trying to perfect YouTube. Instead of people uploading whatever
they want, I’m filtering what people produce in entertainment…It’ll
start in comedy. In that arena. Eventually it’ll branch out into all
forms of artisitic expression…It’s called wayout because I’m looking
for a way out for artists."

No cute Way-in, Way-out wordplay there. And in his press release today, Wayans maintains his talking points and likens his new site to "In Living Color 2.O." On his YouTube page, he further describes his brainchild as "an incubator to develop innovative television shows for the internet." So what do the six videos released for his launch suggest about the innovative second-edition In Living Color? Well, that innovation means looking back 11 years to a short film about pimps and hos. That his son, Damon Jr., is going to be the next big star, thanks to the easiest prison-makes-you-gay premise and the prominent repetition of that word that starts with an "n" and ends with "igger." The other four videos feature Vincent Oshana, and three of them are TV ad spoofs, one which says "I can’t hear you now, because I’m deaf and somehow still holding a cell phone to my ear," another which confuses Osama with Obama (always hee-haw-hilarious, am I right, folks? Ladies???), and a third which has the Burger King making whoopie Whoppers. Of course, I might be paraphrasing. Here’s the one Oshana video that’s not based on an actual commercial campaign.

Here’s a fun fact: Damon Jr. and Oshana recently performed in the same Def Comedy Jam episode.

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