Whitest Kids season 2 debuts tonight on IFC

The Whitest Kids U’Know make their second-season splash at 11 p.m. tonight on IFC, followed by a half-hour highlights package from their first season back on FUSE. The IFC promos make much of the fact that the Whitest Kids can now be seen uncensored, and tonight’s episode certainly reminds you of that early and often, from the opening scene (fun fact: that really is all Sam, and if you pay attention, you can even see him pulling out his, er, um, package). Trevor celebrates pot smoking in "The Dinosaur Rap." There’s plenty of cussing, playing with racial stereotypes, and things that kids certainly should not try duplicating at home. The Whitest Kids stopped by the Greg Johnson and Larry Murphy show Friday at Rififi to preview two of the sketches (the rap video and a sketch involving bizarre notes from a director for a movie murder scene). The final version of tonight’s episode whips through 10 scenes in 22:45, so some jokes almost fly past. A mouth-farting sketch that goes on a bit too long was the finale in the draft debut, but the final version adds another sketch displaying the power of proper eyewear.

Here’s one brief sketch from tonight that features the always-hilarious Jenny Slate.

Meet the Whitest Kids in this behind the scenes promo:

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