Day: January 29, 2008

Brett Gelman’s “lil” New York lottery campaign?

Have you seen the new New York Lottery ads for Take 5, featuring the talking head of who appears to be Brett Gelman on a teeny tiny body? Now that’s cracked out! The 30-second TV spot is one thing, but here is a link to the lottery campaign, A Little Bit of Luck, where you can find much more zaniness. I asked Gelman about it last night at the ECNY Awards, and he replied, "Nah, that was Marlon Wayans." You can also download your own Desktop Lil’ Widget to have him tell you that night’s Take 5 numbers. UPDATED (12:25 a.m. Jan. 30): Gelman appeared on Tuesday’s Sweet show and told host Seth Herzog he wasn’t all that amused by getting introduced onstage as "A Little Bit of Luck." I think he was joking. Right? Look here at this photo of him on a bus stop poster on Sixth Avenue south of West 14th Street in New York City! Note the fact that it’s already "tagged." I’d post video of the ad, but all you need to do is watch the local TV news and you’re bound to see him. UPDATED WITH...

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2008 ECNY Awards

Over the years, I’ve witnessed some of the uglier facets of comedy contests as both a participant and as a judge. Last night, however, I saw the sunnier side at the ECNY Awards (please don’t call them the Emerging Comics of New York anymore) ceremony at Comix in New York City. Even before the showcase started, you could see something special happening. Comedians got dressed up. There was a red carpet. Small, to be sure, but still there and still red with correspondents talking to a camera in footage that presumably will wind up on the Internet. A very festive air. And so nice to see a scene — or at least a distinctly unique scene — come together in celebration of the art of comedy. Host Jon Friedman said they changed the name of the awards KFC-like to just ECNY to show they were rewarding all sorts of comedy, not just the emerging kind. At the same time, though, it would’ve been nice to really see all of New York comedy represented in the room. When the ceremony ended, several comedians had to turn around and go back to their table because they didn’t have their proper receipts on hand for the door guys. We spent the night in a traditional comedy club with traditional item minimums and rules, and yet we could’ve used a few more traditional...

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