Two more videos: Erik; striking writers

I don’t know that I meant to post so many videos today, but they keep popping up on my computer and why wait until later what you can post now, right?

First up, Erik Charles Nielsen. He performs at some of the non-mainstream, you might call them "alternative" rooms in the Los Angeles area, got his comedic start in Boston, got a comedic break in Aspen last year, and well, you have to realize that even though he’s technically acting in this sketch for Erik the Librarian, that the genius of Erik is that for everyone who doesn’t get him or doesn’t want to get him, there are plenty of other people (among them, comedians) who simply cannot stop laughing. Just watch the reaction from The Office‘s Mindy Kaling, for instance.

The second clip comes from a new site called Big Think, where big thinkers come to express their big ideas, or something like that. Here we see three striking writers — Dan Goor, Colin Jost and Laura Krafft, talk about the ongoing WGA strike.

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