Missing out on mistletoe, comedy-style

Did you know that if you were to lead your social life solely by Facebook event invitations, that, at least at the end of 2007, still miss out on a ho-ho-whole lot of holiday parties? Tis true this season, anyhow. Completely spaced on the Comix shindig on Monday night because I was, now where was I then, welcoming Liam McEneaney back from his first European comedy tour and then later getting a sneak preview of the second season of Human Giant, coming in spring to MTV.

Tuesday brought my friend Shane Mauss down from Boston, and considering he was performing across the street from my Brooklyn abode, I couldn’t well not see him, even if the comedians seemed to outnumber the audience (still laughs were had) and yet that made us late for The Onion’s holiday celebratoriness at Crash Mansion/BLVD. And can I just say, "Mandatory Coat Check?" Actually, could I say that as if I were Greg Johnson saying, "Security in the basement???" Because that’s how it sounded in my head as I was saying, "Mandatory Coat Check????" See how I added a question mark there. Good. Anyhowsitgoing. Too late for live comedy, but in time to take a snapshot of Mauss and Dan Hirshon listening to bands perform songs that seem absolutely connected to New York City audiences. Though upon further review, my snapshot does not convey actual excitement and will not be shown at this time. We did see several hoot-and-hollerworthy comedians mingling about the premises, however, and that’s always nice. Hi, Mike Birbiglia! Look, it’s Max Silvestri! Esther Ku? And so on, and so forth. Olde English, looking forever young. Where did you go, Jim Gaffigan? Hollywood calling. Did I mention and so on?

And so on we trudged, or drove, well one of us drove the rest of us to the Comedy Cellar, where every night is a comedy party. Just not officially like the other clubs. Judah Friedlander and I quizzed a young woman on her drug preferences, to which she seemed to reply yes all too frequently. As to the amount and frequency of cocaine, her response: "Once a month is fine." Alrighty then! Moving on…that was Kurt Metzger’s suggestion. Let’s move on because Stand-Up NY was having their holiday Tuesday night, as well, and by the time their cab and our car made it from the West Village to the Upper West Side, we could see a comedian congregration conflagrating on the sidewalk outside. Which meant we were late for the party, but not for small talk.

But that’s OK. We were all OK. Maybe in 2008, I should resolve not to live by Facebook invites alone. In fact, I should update my status right now. Then again…

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