Comedy Central’s Last Laugh ’07

The ongoing Writers Guild strike has lessened our options for topical humor on the TV, but it hasn’t stopped Comedy Central and VH1 from mounting their year-end specials. Comedy Central emerged first with last night’s debut of Last Laugh ’07. It reairs several times this week.

Lewis Black, Dave Attell and D.L. Hughley took on the task, opening with a cartoon bit in which the "Last Laugh Squad" launched an expedition up inside President George W. Bush’s ass, wherein they found not only his brain but also secrets. Then Black took the stage, calling 2007 a drug. "We don’t even have the time to cover what George Bush did this year," Black said.

As for the actual stand-up?

Attell brought up dogfighting, Al Gore. When someone booed the mention of Gore, Attell replied: "What, do you have some polar bear jacket business you’re trying to protect?" A bit about the hot and hairy Kardashians allowed him to weave in his own thoughts on sex and then porn — you can see and hear all of this uncensored on Attell’s HBO special, Captain Miserable, which debuts on Saturday.

Hughley looked casual while ripping into Michael Vick, OJ Simpson, the Chinese toy scandal, the debate over comedians using the word "nigger," Isiah Thomas, the thought of a black president, teachers having sex with students, and kids. Here are highlights…

Then Black was back, and noted how 2007 was the first year we seemed to all agree on global warming, even Bush. "As a result…I’m not sure anymore," Black said. He really got enraged talking about Scooter Libby and his pardon, suggesting that we all get a Get Out Of Jail Free card. Alberto Gonzales, Larry Craig. His idea for a fictional president in 2008 to win the war on terror. Here are highlights from him…

"This year really tested me," Black said as the show went to commercial.

What’s left for VH1 to offer with its Best Year Ever on Dec. 14? My best guess (OK, not my best guess, because for the most part, VH1’s already taped much of its material) is that VH1 will go lighter and snarkier, particularly with the subject matter. Whereas Lewis Black went darkly political as is his wont and DL Hughley and Dave Attell chose social commentary, the VH1 comedians will skew a bit heavier on the Britney Spears and the sillier scandals and pop-culture moments of the year.

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