Boston comics killing in Aspen

Some of you are hungry for this sort of information, so let me just tell it to you straight. Shane Mauss (in showcase group B) and Dan Boulger (in showcase group D) both have performed twice in Aspen, and they’re already the talk of the town. Mauss got an early lead on the buzz because he had performed twice before Boulger’s group had its festival debut. But they’re both majorly slaying. Big time. All sorts of industry attention. The appropriate cliche here would be wicked good. Steven Wright’s publicist told Mauss that no less than five people already had e-mailed him saying he had to check Mauss out. Boulger is having to tell people, sorry, but I already have representation.

I’ll have a lot more to say about them later, but just wanted to let you know they’re representing Boston very well so far.

Sean L. McCarthy

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