Day: August 27, 2019

Leslie Jones has left Saturday Night Live

Perhaps the most improbable SNL success story has run its course. News it out today that Leslie Jones has departed Saturday Night Live, and will not rejoin the cast for the 45th season on NBC which begins in September. Jones, 51, was the oldest ever comedian to join the cast of SNL in October 2014. She had been hired the previous winter as a writer following backlash against Lorne Michaels and SNL for not having any black women on the show. Jones, a stand-up comedian with very little in the way of previous acting experience, received a testimonial from...

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Watch Sebastian Maniscalco open the 2019 MTV VMAs

Sebastian Maniscalco is one of the most popular stand-up comedians these days, having recently sold out Madison Square Garden. So MTV asked him to host this year’s Video Music Awards. Of course, being a voice of the MTV Generation and speaking to kids who watch MTV and listen to pop music in 2019 are two different skill sets. So how did Maniscalco do? It was all about that generation gap. Roll the...

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Richard Pryor’s bodyguard’s bombshell allegations regarding Paul Mooney

The legendary late Richard Pryor had a longtime friendship and working relationship with Paul Mooney. Yesterday, ComedyHype posted a video interview with Pryor’s old bodyguard, in which he alleged that Pryor and Mooney had a falling out in the 1980s when Pryor learned that Mooney had “violated” Pryor’s son. The bodyguard, Rashon Kahn, claimed explicitly that Mooney had sex with Pryor’s son. Other details aren’t quite clear. Kahn cites arguments during filming of the semi-autobiographical Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life is Calling, which came out in 1986, co-written by Mooney and directed by Pryor. Kahn also claims Pryor was...

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