Month: April 2019

Nore Davis on Conan

Nore Davis has a transgendered brother, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to let his brother flex on him. As he explained in this performance on Conan, Davis also has thoughts on Black Panther, the lack of engagement sneakers as a thing for him, and more. Roll the...

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Hannah Gadsby’s TED Talk 2019: “How I Broke Comedy”

“After quitting comedy, I became the most talked-about comedian on the planet.” That’s Hannah Gadsby, near the start of her TED Talk this month in Vancouver, B.C., in which she explains “How I Broke Comedy.” This is how she decided to stop disguising her traumas for comedy, bur rather tell the whole truth about her life, and that show was Nanette. But don’t tell her she failed at comedy. Because she didn’t fail. Rather, she broke comedy. Roll the...

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Behind the scenes of the history of Saturday Night Live’s pre-taped films

It’s easy to forget that for its entire history, Saturday Night Live, from 1975-2019, has included films that were not, in fact, live. This great piece from SNL showcases the film unit, and what it takes to make funny short films in only a few days. Colon Blow! Happy Fun Ball! Synchronized swimming! All before The Lonely Island changed the game, and now SNL has three full-time film units working on pre-taped bits and sketches. This is the story of how they only get to start after the Wednesday night table reads, and somehow pull it all together in...

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Judy Gold, Wanda Sykes, Jenny Hagel and Cameron Esposito take on what’s acceptable in joke telling in 2019 (Women in the World Summit)

In case you missed it, and according to this YouTube view count of 508, you did miss it entirely, earlier this month at the 2019 Women in the World Summit, comedians Jenny Hagel, Wanda Sykes, Judy Gold, and Cameron Esposito discussed what’s acceptable in joke-telling these days. Juju Chang from ABC News moderated their discussion. Roll the whole dang...

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David Gborie the new voice of Comedy Central

Belated congrats to comedian David Gborie, who earlier this month started a new gig as the official voice of Comedy Central! the voice of Comedy Central @thegissilent— Marcella Arguello (@marcellacomedy) April 16, 2019 Kyle Kinane had been doing most voiceovers for the comedy channel for the past several years. View this post on Instagram Congrats to @coolguyjokes87 on becoming the new voice of Comedy Central. Time for me to turn in my gun and badge and retire to Boca Raton. A post shared by kylekinane (@kylekinane) on Apr 17, 2019 at 4:33pm...

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