Month: May 2018

Vicki Barbolak auditions for America’s Got Talent 2018

The 2018 season of America’s Got Talent kicked off tonight, and Oceanside comedian Vicki Barbolak enjoyed her first moment in the spotlight with this winning audition, in which she charmed the judges and audience with a bit about conjugal visits at prison, the problems with finding a proper bra in middle age, therapy and drinking. Roll the...

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Pauly Shore pays tribute to his mother, The Comedy Store’s Mitzi Shore, in memorial video

Sadly, I couldn’t make it out to Los Angeles this Mother’s Day for the all-star comedy tribute to The Comedy Store’s Mitzi Shore, who passed away in April after a long illness. Thankfully, though, her son, comedian Pauly Shore, has shared this video he put together for her memorial. I did this memorial video for my Mom and played for all the people at her memorial service last night at @TheComedyStore. I wanted to share it with you guys too because I know you all loved Mom/Mitzi as well. — Pauly Shore (@PaulyShore) May 15, 2018 Roll...

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Episode #208: GROWN: Edson Jean & Joshua Jean-Baptiste

Joshua Jean-Baptiste and Edson Jean met as students at New World School of the Arts in Miami, where both learned how to become multi-hyphenates in this new world of show business, as actors, playwrights and filmmakers. Jean’s college thesis, the short film The Adventures of Edson Jean, was licensed by HBO, and he has appeared in TV and film projects including Moonlight, War Dogs, Ballers and Bloodline. With Jean-Baptiste, the duo pitched a digital series about Haitian-Americans growing up and living in inner-city Miami called #Josh. They won Adaptive Studio’s first Project Greenlight contest for a digital series, and the...

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Ahmed Bharoocha on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Ahmed Bharoocha’s father is Muslim, his mother is Catholic, and Ahmed? Well, as he joked on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, his view of religion is much better described with this bit about walking on a tightrope in the fog. He also has an idea for conducting background checks to see if people might be tied to terrorist organizations, which is good news for Facebook. It’s a much better idea than the one his uncle has, that’s for sure. Roll the...

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