Day: December 1, 2017

Chris Laker on Jimmy Kimmel Live

As Jimmy Kimmel told Chris Laker: “You really do have beautiful hair.” Laker joked that he gets mistaken not only because of his hair but also because of his face. He really is a happy guy. Happier now that he has this TV credit. Laker also joked about the difference between growing up Catholic and Jewish, like his girlfriend. Can you imagine Laker as an accountant? He couldn’t, either. Roll the clip!...

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Tom Thakkar on Conan

Tom Thakkar made a memorable debut on Conan on Wednesday night, but would you have remembered him as much if he went by his birth name, Tom Brady? Thakkar jokes about changing his name, as well as traveling by Spirit Airlines. If he performs on more late-night TV shows, perhaps he’ll be able to take a better airline. Roll the...

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HBO’s “All Def Comedy” hosted by Tony Rock will air as planned, just without Russell Simmons onscreen or in the credits

All Def Comedy returns to HBO tonight, premiering the first of five weekly stand-up showcases hosted by Tony Rock on Friday nights from Dec. 1-29. The season showcases well-known comedians such as Deon Cole, DeRay Davis, Gary Owen and JJ Williamson, along with emerging comic talents like Alex Babbitt, Tony Baker, Sydney Castillo, Henry Coleman, D’Lai, Ryan Davis, Kareem Green, Jess Hilarious, Nate Jackson, Kelly Kellz, Na’im Lynn, Karlous Miller, Just Nesh, Leonard Ouzts, Robert Powell, Teddy Ray, Jordan Rock, Daphnique Springs, Clayton Thomas and Mark Viera. It won’t feature the man who created All Def Comedy as well...

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R.I.P. Jim Nabors, aka Gomer Pyle (1930-2017)

Jim Nabors, best known in his younger years for playing country bumpkin Gomer Pyle on two different hit TV sitcoms, and in his later years for singing — particularly at the opening of every Indy 500 — has died. He was 87. Nabors died in his home in Hawaii, his longtime partner and husband, Stan Cadwallader, reported.   His website lists a short but sweet bio: Jim Nabors was born in 1930 in Alabama and raised there, graduating from the University of Alabama. He moved to Los Angeles due to his asthmatic condition and was discovered on stage doing...

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R.I.P. Ken Shapiro

Before Saturday Night Live, before The Groove Tube even, Ken Shapiro was making funny faces on television with Chevy Chase when nobody knew their faces. Shapiro and Chase performed sketches together on Channel One, then on PBS as the first people seen on-air on The Great American Dream Machine, before making sketch comedy movie The Groove Tube in 1974 (a year before everyone discovered Chase on SNL). Shapiro later wrote and directed Modern Problems, the 1981 comedy starring Chase as an air-traffic controller who acquires superpowers in a toxic accident. Shapiro died Nov. 18, at his home in New...

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