Day: July 14, 2017

35 Reasons to Look Forward to the 35th annual Just For Laughs festival in Montreal this July 2017

The 35th annual Just For Laughs, or Juste Pour Rire (Pour les Français), kicked off on Wednesday in Montreal, and while there may only be a few Americans performing there this weekend (Jessica Kirson, Steve Byrne and Vlad Caamano in The Ethnic Show, hosted by Alonzo Bodden), hundreds of comedians from across North America and the world will be joined by hundreds more managers, agents, casting scouts and programming executives in what has been and continues to be the world’s singular celebration and confab for the comedy community. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of comedy fans from the...

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July 15, 2017 deadline to submit for prizes at ITVFest

If you’ve got a script or a series pitch sitting around in your files, but dearly want to put it in front of the producers, suits and creative executives to make it on the TV, then you’ve still got time to submit it for the 2017 ITVFest. Not much time, though. The deadline is July 15, 2017. Prizes include development meetings with HBO for the winners, a management option for one of the finalists, and a professional script consultation for the winning screenwriters. If you want to know who might be judging these pitches and scripts, here are the...

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D.J. Demers on Conan

D.J. Demers was back on Conan on Thursday night, but now the Canadian has gone American. He’s still hearing impaired, but he’s all ours now. When he takes his hearing aids out, that abruptly changes his relationship with his girlfriend and everyone around him. Roll the...

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