Day: February 9, 2017

Mike Myers will portray Del Close in a movie about the legendary improv comedy coach

In an ironic twist, The Second City and its leaders are producing a biopic about the legendary late improv comedy guru, Del Close, who famously had a falling out with Second City over the direction and importance of improv, and bolted to join Charna Halpern in launching improvOlympic. Mike Myers will star as Close in Del, directed by Betty Thomas from a screenplay by┬áNick Torokvei and financed by Covert. “Mike Myers is a comedy genius and the perfect actor to inhabit this complicated, funny, poignant character,” said Covert’s CEO, Paul Hanson. “A pioneer of his craft, Close has passed...

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Comedian’s #AGoodGame initiative for Super Bowl LI raises more than LXX thousand dollars in donations

Josh Gondelman lives in New York City and writes for HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. But Gondelman still identifies with his Boston-area roots and proudly roots for Boston sports teams, including the New England Patriots. Well, perhaps not as proudly in the two weeks leading up to Super Bowl LI. Because the Patriots owner, coach and star quarterback all have been touted by President Trump as his good friends, and none of them have gone out of their way to dismiss that. So Gondelman felt conflicted. “Because of Tom Brady’s garbage politics,” Gondelman decided to divert his...

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Cristela Alonzo on Conan

Cristela Alonzo has a new stand-up special out on Netflix in 2017, but she recorded it before the election. Alonzo explained on Wednesday’s Conan how all of her white friends texted her after the election, and how that made her feel. She also has some amusing experiences to share about her participation in the various marches and protests that have happened since Trump’s inauguration. So roll the...

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