Day: August 20, 2015

Humorous homages, deep laughs: From SNL to IFC and “Documentary Now!”

It’s no secret that some of Saturday Night Live‘s most striking work in recent years has not come via live TV, but come alive via lightning-quick production of thrilling tributes to film via short films. Think of the Wes Anderson Halloween tribute “New Horror Trailer,” Louis CK as Lincoln, or Ian Rubbish and The Bizzaros: History of Punk. They’ve been brought to life over the years by Rhys Thomas and Alex Buono behind the cameras, and with former SNL stars Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers, they’ve teamed up to expand the concept to stunningly precise and funny homages...

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#TBT goes back to the future in new Comedy Central concept video

It’s Throwback Thursday. Tomorrow is Flashback Friday. If you think reliving past memories and sharing them via social media is something, then get a load of what happens when Dana Gould plays a mad scientist who gives comedians Barbara Gray and Whitney Teubner fancy futuristic phones that can transport the duo back to any #TBT memory they so choose! In this sketch concept webisode, #TBT, Gray and Teubner revisit their teen-aged selves in their fever and fervor for the Backstreet Boys. Gray and Teubner wrote it with Eric Stolze. Directed by Brandon...

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Down the rabbit-hole of Internet aggregation: The Fat Jewish now openly taking from other thieves

Comedy Central may have gotten out of the “Fat Jew” business before the masses of protesting comedians got their way…but Josh Ostrovsky’s own countermeasure reveals just how deep the problem of Internet “curation” and “aggregation” goes. To wit. Ahem. Ostrovsky changed the bio of his popular Instagram “thefatjewish” to read “United States Creative Director of Internet Curatorial Affairs.” And his most recent curations come from…well… A new one today shows an image of America Online with the caption: “Doing dubstep before dubstep was dubstep.” Which he credits to kidsthesedaysac — who, in turn, didn’t credit anyone. A Google search...

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Last Comic Standing 9: Semifinals (Part One)

We’ve reached the semifinal stages of Last Comic Standing, which means we have only a couple of hours to get the field of stand-up comedians narrowed down from 41 to our 10 finalists for Season 9. Actually, we only have this hour to cut 15 from 20 to make up the first five finalists for Last Comic Standing Season 9. So. Ouch! This is gonna hurt. We open the hour with lots of quotes from young whippersnappers establishing the stakes of it all. And here’s your host, Anthony Jeselnik. Please don’t talk to him. At least that’s what he said...

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Last Comic Standing 8 winner Rod Man lands development deal for NBC sitcom

Just in time. Rod Man, who won the eighth season of Last Comic Standing last summer, has earned himself a deal for a pilot script with NBC to develop his own starring vehicle in a multi-cam sitcom. Yes, the development year for Fall 2016 already begins in full earnest with network pitches heard and bought each August. Not coincidentally for Rod Man — whose win included a holding deal — Last Comic‘s executive producers, Wanda Sykes and Page Hurwitz, are behind this, too. As is Kenny Smith, executive producer on BET’s The Game. and co-executive producer on the upcoming reboot...

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