Day: August 6, 2015

Last Comic Standing 9: The Invitationals, Part 3

Last Comic Standing‘s third of four “Invitational” rounds continues to cut, cut, cut — so much so that if you’re not making it to the semifinals, why bother showing us their audition? Eight of the 12 people featured in this hour will move onward. Besides, as even host Anthony Jeselnik reminds us at the top of the hour: “Comedians are total cowards.” There will be no fighting, onscreen or off, for a place in the semifinals. Let the passive-aggressiveness resume! Drew Thomas wears a hat but not while talking. But he wants us to know he has a hat.┬áHe...

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Episode #10: Bobcat Goldthwait and Barry Crimmins, “Call Me Lucky”

Bobcat Goldthwait wouldn’t have ever been “Bobcat” if he hadn’t met Barry Crimmins first, some three decades ago when Goldthwait was a teenager in upstate New York. Young Bob followed “old” Barry to Boston in the early 1980s, where Crimmins took the eccentric, unique comedic voices of Boston and created a scene where all of them could flourish and explode onto the national stage. Crimmins was the founder of comedy at The Ding Ho in Cambridge and Stitches in Boston. A wicked satirist, Crimmins turned his attention on the page, on the stage and in life toward social causes...

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Jon Stewart reminisces with Louis CK about The Comedy Cellar in final Daily Show guest segment

Jon Stewart welcomed Louis CK as his final official guest on The Daily Show for his penultimate episode on Comedy Central on Wednesday night, and the two comedians quickly began reminiscing about their younger days at the Comedy Cellar, and even just last Wednesday night at the Cellar. Here is their extended conversation. This is the part they cut from the broadcast, all of which pertains to their time at the Comedy Cellar and keeping coming back to stand-up comedy. They improvise some jokes in the conversation, but their retelling of last week’s rendevous at the Cellar and above...

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