Day: May 16, 2015

One final State Farm nod to #SNL40: The Coneheads reunion

This week, State Farm insurance unveiled its final tribute in partnership with Saturday Night Live‘s 40th anniversary, just in time for tonight’s season finale of SNL. The Coneheads — Beldar (Dan Aykroyd), Prymaat (Jane Curtin) and daughter Connie (Laraine Newman) — re-enact a currently running State Farm commercial featuring the mythical “Jake from State Farm,” only in outer space. Sort of. You get it. The Coneheads debuted on the Jan. 15, 1977, episode of SNL, and became a popular recurring sketch during the initial cast’s run, and eventually reunited for a 1993 feature film. Roll the 30-second spot and...

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Michigan comedy booker’s open letter to stand-up comics

Jason Frey, the Michigan comedian who ran multiple stand-up comedy booking companies under fake names until a Detroit TV station caught up with him in a Thursday broadcast, sent out a letter Friday to all of the comedians who he had dealt with over the years via his Charter Talent email address. Here it is, in full: Hey everyone,   Well, where do we begin?  By now I’m sure you all have seen the newscast of me.   I’d like to start by thanking the many comedians who e mailed support.  That means a lot.  I’ve not met most...

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Phil Hanley on Late Night with Seth Meyers

In case you missed it a couple of weeks ago, Late Night with Seth Meyers last night rebroadcast the May 1 episode that featured stand-up from Phil Hanley. Hanley has had some weird roommates over the years. Old and older is the best way to describe them. Well, maybe not the best, although it would be accurate. Roll the...

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Norm Macdonald’s late-night tribute to David Letterman

When every comedian you know talks about how great this performance by Norm Macdonald is from his final appearance on Late Show with David Letterman, know that they’re talking about much more than simply the jokes. The notion of how cell-phone photography and selfies have or will have changed the game is something, sure; the ID abbreviation joke is simple yet so effective; the reflection on Germany’s history, so funny the way he reminds us of the precedents of world wars. “But no, it was actually close.” The way he lingers on the fact that he’s not going to...

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