Day: April 14, 2015

New York Comedy Club hosting Equal Pay Day comedy fundraiser

No matter whether you choose to believe Sarah Silverman or Al Martin over who paid whom what and how much several years ago, believe this: Martin’s former club, New York Comedy Club, is a supporter of fair and equal wages today. Literally. New York Comedy Club tonight hosts “70 Cents on the Dollar,” a stand-up comedy showcase with proceeds benefitting Equal Pay Day 2015. Tonight’s lineup at Martin’s club: Bonnie McFarlane, Chris DiStefano, Joe Matarese, Emma Willman, Zainab Johnson and Dean Obeidallah. Tickets are $20. Today — April 14, 2015 — is being called National Equal Pay Day as a way to rally support, funds...

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Eric Andre announces fourth season of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim

After swinging his big dildo around Coachella over the weekend (you’ll have to look at Eric Andre’s Instagram for that), Eric Andre burst out of a pinata on Monday night’s Conan to make even bigger and more relevant news. There will be a fourth season of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim. No word yet on when that will happen and how it’ll tape around the increasingly busy schedule of Andre’s “sidekick,” Hannibal Buress. But until we learn those details, candy, everybody! Related viewing: 16 amazing photos and more from the third season of The Eric Andre...

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