Day: January 7, 2015

Gunmen massacre in Paris at Charlie Hebdo, French weekly satirical magazine

At least 10 journalists and two police officers were killed today in a massacre launched by multiple gunmen at Charlie Hebdo, a weekly satirical magazine in Paris that frequently lampooned Islam and its prophet Muhammad. Perhaps five others were seriously wounded in the terror attack. The magazine’s offices previously were firebombed in 2011 following publication of cartoons mocking Muhammad, and other threats had been leveled against the publication. Back in 2012, the magazine put an image of Muhammad on its cover in a wheelchair pushed by an Orthodox Jew, despite appeals by the French government not to publish it....

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Open micer banned from Seattle comedy clubs bashes open mic host with a baseball bat

Comedian Dylan Avila is lucky to be alive and still have his wits about him, after a wannabe open micer who’d been banned from multiple Seattle-area comedy clubs and rooms returned to the open mic Avila hosts Monday nights in Renton and bashed him in the head with an aluminum baseball bat. Avila, 36, and a father of three, underwent surgery Tuesday at Valley Medical Center in Renton and was recovering from a skull fracture, with two titanium plates plus stitches in his head. The suspect, a 48-year-old who had been introducing himself onstage at open mics around Seattle...

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SiriusXM to launch new Insight channel for serious comedy talk

SiriusXM is replacing and rebranding its current “Public Radio” station (the satellite radio giant also carries NPR) as Insight, which will debut next Monday — Jan. 12, 2015 — as a more entertaining and, ahem, insightful look at the day’s news. Thank Sirius host and former Colbert Report warm-up comic Pete Dominick for that. As Dominick told friends and fans on Monday: My whole life people have been telling me what “can’t be done.” I have always felt bad for those people. So After 6 years and 3 different channels at SIRIUSXM I decided to pitch my own idea...

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Michael Palascak on Conan

Michael Palascak vows to tell his future children better bedtime stories than his mom told him when he was a kid. As the comedian explained in his stand-up performance on Monday’s Conan, Palasack still enjoys going home to visit his parents, though, wherein he learns all of the various parking tickets and fees he could rack up if he breaks the local laws in Chicago. Fun facts! Roll the clip! If you liked those jokes, there’s plenty more where those came from — on Palasack’s 2014 comedy album, Job Opening. Buy it via Rooftop Comedy...

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