Month: January 2015

CC:Studio’s development slate for 2015, and why you should care more about it

Comedy Central announced its latest development slate for webseries via CC:Studios, which has become more vital as a pipeline to TV this year as two previous CC:Studios projects — This Is Not Happening and Idiotsitter — have made or are making the leap from YouTube to boob tube. “I am sincerely proud of how our team has established CC:Studios as an appealing destination for established and emerging comedy content creators,” said Kent Alterman, Comedy Central President. “Roustabout,” a comedic travelogue with Kurt Braunohler jet-skiing from Chicago to New Orleans to raise money for charity, debuted this week. Wyatt Cenac,...

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Boston, Seattle comedians square off for ESPN’s “Enemy Territory” before Super Bowl XLIX

My father’s family is from Boston; my comedy career began in Seattle. My alliances, therefore, remain neutral as an arbiter — at least at the start — of this Super Bowl face-off among comedians for ESPN’s “Enemy Territory.” In two days of segments for SportsCenter on your TV and online extras, Boston-area natives and New England Patriots fans Nick DiPaolo, Gary Gulman and Max “No Sleeves” Weisz will roast a trio of Seattle Seahawks supporters in the form of Nick Thune and Jeff Dye, plus extra-special 12th man in the form of Sarah Colonna, who is engaged to marry Seahawks punter Jon Ryan. Here’s the first full...

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Gilbert Gottfried in a Super Bowl commercial with Snoop Dogg for EAT24

The Super Bowl commercials come out earlier each year, and online, so are they even Super Bowl commercials? It’s a moot question, because any company that pays the millions of dollars for a 30-second or 60-second spot during the biggest football game and TV event of the year will get its money’s worth. If that company puts on a good ad. EAT24 chose Gilbert Gottfried and Snoop Dogg to make you aware of its services. Look out Seamless, GrubHub and! Roll the clip! Fo Shizzy Ma Nizzy…whatever that means. Look out for our @EAT24 commercial during the @SuperBowl....

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Jemaine Clement talks future Flight of the Conchords tour, special possibilities

In case you missed it, Jemaine Clement has been at the Sundance Film Festival this week presenting a new film he stars in called People, Places, Things. Flight of the Conchords fans, however, keep wanting to know about that one thing and that one other person Clement performs with: Bret. Will the New Zealand duo tour again? Will they come back to HBO ever? Yes, quite possibly. “We’re planning on touring later on in the year in the States. It isn’t very solid yet, but we’ve been talking about it,” Clement said this week. They already may have done...

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After 30 years, Eddie Murphy plans to attend SNL’s 40th anniversary special, talks musical/comedy comeback to the stage

Eddie Murphy last appeared on the show that broke his career 30 years ago, when he hosted Saturday Night Live on Dec. 15, 1984 (an episode NBC just rebroadcast in primetime this month). Murphy plans to be back onstage with his past and present SNL colleagues for the show’s big 40th anniversary show on Feb. 15, 2015, though! What took him so long? “It’s just timing. It just never worked out where the timing was right for me to do it. It’s part of my life… actually they’re having a 40th anniversary I think in two weeks. I’m going...

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