Day: August 7, 2014

Rekindling his love affair with stand-up, Judd Apatow tells SiriusXM about his summer sets at The Comedy Cellar

For the first half of this summer, one of the most regular fixtures of The Comedy Cellar‘s stand-up showcases also was one of the most surprising: successful movie producer/director/writer Judd Apatow. Apatow was in New York City directing Amy Schumer’s upcoming movie, Trainwreck, which just wrapped last weekend. Many nights after filming, Apatow made it a habit to hang out with the rest of the comedians at the Cellar, and also performed his own stand-up onstage under an assumed name. I saw Apatow perform several times over the past couple of months. Some really funny stuff. You’d hardly have...

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Steve Hofstetter promotes non-union work for his FOX stand-up comedy series, “Laughs”

Hot off the heels of SAG-AFTRA’s “Do Not Work” notice telling its union member actors not to perform on the new FOX stand-up comedy series, Laughs, the show’s host and executive producer happened to put himself on Reddit to take any and all questions on Wednesday. The top/best question from yesterday’s Reddit IAMA with Steve Hofstetter: “Are you going to try to resolve the “no-work” notice SAG just put on the show?” Hofstetter’s reply: “No. We’re a non-union show by choice, and have always been up front about it. There are dozens of non-union shows, and that’s okay. If...

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Larry David to write and star in his Broadway debut, “Fish in the Dark”

Larry David infamously made his Broadway debut on TV as “Larry David” in The Producers with David Schwimmer, but that was only for the fourth-season finale of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. A decade later, David has written his first play that he’ll star in for Broadway. It’s called “Fish in the Dark.” The play will debut in March 2015, directed by Anna D. Shapiro and produced by Scott Rudin, who convinced David to star in it. “I thought it would be pretty cool to write a play someday. I didn’t think it’d be pretty cool to be in it. It’s...

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Sam Morril on Conan

Sam Morril was on Wednesday night’s Conan, where he’s not worried if you’re place is messy when you’re trying to hook up late at night. Life is messy. So are porn and Facebook, the two main food groups for any comedian? At least for Morril. Which led to an odd encounter with a potential Facebook “friend” who’s in a poorly-researched hate group. Maybe they can call it even and order in gay? Either way, stay for Morril’s calculated formula for when a fart is funny, unfunny and then funny again. Roll the...

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Brad Trackman on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Brad Trackman was on Tuesday night’s Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, where he reminds us that every group of women out on the town has one friend who’s not the like others. Which is how he feels, too. Except he’s married. For several years. Which leads to different relationship issues. Obviously. Even for short guys. Which makes him nostalgic for what it was like in elementary school as a short kid. And a left-handed short kid at that. Roll the...

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