Day: July 24, 2014

First impressions of Montreal’s New Faces, 2014: Group 2

Before welcoming Group 2 of New Faces in Montreal upon their Wednesday night debut, host Pete Holmes asked the audience:¬†“Be gracious. Be present. Be active.” Holmes might also have said be wary. For this crop of comics offered more style than substance, especially when compared to their Group 1 counterparts. And even that style often arrived couched in misdirection and expectation-bashing. Except when they were delivering you exactly what you thought when your eyes first caught a glimpse of them onstage. They’re an eclectic bunch, this group. Hasan Minhaj. Minhaj, hot off hosting an MTV show and a global...

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First impressions of Montreal’s New Faces, 2014: Group 1

Each crop of New Faces at Montreal’s Just For Laughs is special and unique. John Heffron, who hosted New Faces Group 1 on Wednesday night, told the audience that all of the big-name comedians you’d see at the festival’s Galas started out years earlier as new faces. That might not be entirely true in terms of this particular festival, but it is nevertheless accurate to point out that all comedians start at the lower rungs of the comedy ladder and climb their way up it. Performing at New Faces represents a ¬†landmark accomplishment along that climb. Whether it’s a...

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