Day: April 8, 2013

Vice profiles “The Man Behind @DadBoner,” comedian Mike Burns

You may not know that you’re already following the career of comedian Mike Burns, unless you already know that Burns also types out observations on life as Michigan resident Karl Welzein, aka @DadBoner. His online alter-ego has amassed more than 133,000 followers on Twitter, and a gig contributing dadboner columns to VICE. Today, VICE introduces us to Mike Burns to tell his side of the story. We learn that Burns, who calls Los Angeles home now, grew up in Saginaw, Mich., the truth behind Gatorpagne and more. This video profile is almost 17 minutes long. Long enough for you,...

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Matthew Weiner’s made-up stand-up connection to the Mad Men season 6 premiere?

Spoiler alert. One of the subplots to the season six premiere of Mad Men — timed to the Christmas and New Year’s holidays at the end of 1967 — placed one of Peggy’s ad campaigns in peril thanks to a stand-up comedian’s performance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The comedian in question is never named; in fact, nobody at Peggy’s agency seems to remember his name or find a transcript of his act. All they know is that Phyllis Diller was guest-hosting for Johnny, and that the comedian joked about how G.I.’s in the U.S. Army had...

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Ross Bennett on Late Show with David Letterman

Ross Bennett made his network television debut over the weekend on Late Show with David Letterman. Bennett joked about how the New York he grew up in differs just a little bit from the New York City he’s in now. But his feelings upon finding a parking space in Manhattan remind him of his youth. Is that a good thing? Stick around just to see how he also feels about Beyonce and Canadian coins. He likes one more than the other. Can you guess which one? Well, can you? That, plus one more joke for the road. Roll the...

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