Month: February 2013

Kids in the Hall’s Kevin McDonald on performing solo, teaching sketch comedy and today’s sketch on TV

Kevin McDonald is a solo act in 2013, but the Kids in the Hall comedian isn’t alone. McDonald is touring North America, teaching aspiring comedians how to write their own sketches, and also sometimes performing alongside them in improv theaters. McDonald spoke backstage with The Comic’s Comic at The PIT in New York City earlier this month before a gig in which he was to do stand-up first, followed by improvised scenes with The PIT’s founding owner Ali Farahnakian and other performers. How is your current tour different even from the Two Kids One Hall run you had with...

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Hire Eugene & Kulap for Hawaii Five-O

Eugene Cordero and Kulap Vilaysack wonder how they haven’t yet been cast on the CBS revival of drama series Hawaii Five-O. “Neither of us is Hawaiian,” Vilaysack said. “But we’ve seen your show, and…” “We can see that you pretty much don’t care,” Cordero added. So hey pitch themselves in a Funny or Die video as dozens upon dozens of potential cast members, from husband and wife to rivals to everything and anything in between, asking Hawaii Five-O‘s producers to email them at “to make their dreams come true!” Hawaii Five-O, now in its third-season revival on CBS, includes as...

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Dreaming up a real comedy show with Chris Rock AND Dave Chappelle

Over the past week, Dave Chappelle has spent several late nights of his most recent trip to New York City dropping in at the Comedy Cellar to work the crowd and work out new comedic material. Over the past few months, Chris Rock has done likewise, albeit more methodically on the mechanics of a specific new hour-plus of stand-up. Early Wednesday morning, they performed together. Onstage. At the same time. This was not a dream. This was not a drill. This was real. Rock and Chappelle, onstage together. Riffing off of each other. It was the first episode of...

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TBS orders four-week trial for Pete Holmes in late-late night TV slot following Conan

Midnights will get a little more weird this fall on TBS. Stand-up comedian Pete Holmes, who you may know by voice more readily via his popular podcast, “You Made It Weird,” or his long-running stint as the talking spokebaby for E*Trade. TBS is giving him four weeks this fall in the midnight slot, Mondays-Thursdays, following Conan. Holmes told his fans via Twitter today @peteholmez: “Wow. I am over the moon! I can’t thank my writers and producers and Conan enough! Ice cream for everyone!” Holmes had taped a few test episodes in summer 2012 under the title, The Midnight Hour...

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D.L. Hughley, Andy Dick join season 16 cast of “Dancing With the Stars”

One of these seasons, a comedian will emerge as a viable candidate to win Dancing with the Stars, right? Right? After all, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence just made dancing funny and successful in the movies with Silver Linings Playbook. So how will D.L. Hughley and Andy Dick fare this spring on ABC? “i’ll see if I can learn to dance with my foot in my mouth,” Hughley joked this morning on Good Morning America, after the network revealed the full cast for season 16 of DWTS, which premieres March 18. “I’m excited. I never knew my hips was supposed to...

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