Day: November 6, 2012

Election Night 2012: Reporting LIVE from inside Comedy Central’s Indecision 2012

Election Night always has marked memorable moments in my life; none more so than the first Tuesday in November four years ago. Sure, 2008 saw the United States of America elect the first president of mixed-race origin in our history. Wait. Hold up. Mixed-race? Aren’t we all mixed to at least some degree and extent? Why didn’t I just type African-American? Because there remain more than a few zany crazies out there who see the word African and forget to keep reading, instead preferring to think that Barack Obama is as Kenyan as his father was — when, in...

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Comedy Headlines for 11/6/12

What’s happening in the comedy world right now… It’s ELECTION DAY. Have you voted yet? In related news, Roseanne Barr — yes, Roseanne — is on the ballot as a presidential candidate in California, Colorado and Florida. She also says she’s eligible as a write-in in Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Do with that information what you will. Elizabeth Porter, who had worked on the Comedy Central Roasts as the cable channel’s senior VP of specials and talent devlopment, has joined...

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Election Day 2012: Six years closer to “Idiocracy”?

A few days ago, actor Terry Crews popped up in a new series of videos on Funny or Die in character as President Camacho. Not President Barack Obama, but Camacho, a role Crews had played in Mike Judge’s 2006 film, Idiocracy. Why Idiocracy? And why now? Judge’s directorial big-screen follow-up to critical and cult favorite Office Space, Idiocracy grossed less than $500,000 when 20th Century Fox essentially hid it from American audiences in September 2006, releasing it in only a handful of cities, not screening it for critics and spending close to zero on marketing the movie. In 2007, it’d...

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