Day: October 23, 2012

Nina Conti’s “Her Master’s Voice” brings her to Ellen, Ferguson, and now an HBO series

What a week for Nina Conti. Conti, a British comedian, actress and ventriloquist, found success for herself on multiple fronts here in American TV land during the past week. First, Conti appeared on Ellen, and had Ellen DeGeneres in stitches as she made an audience member say whatever she wanted, via a ventriloquist mask on his face. Roll the clip. Then she brought out a different ventriloquism trick — removing the dummy altogether so she literally could talk to the hand — on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Press the Nina Conti button at the top of the...

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Comedy Central unveils Zombie Romney clip to test out “Gajillionaires” series

How often do you see a series that’s still in the development phase release an official network video? Well, that depends. How often have you seen an uber-topical animated sketch revolving around the final presidential debate, which just happened last night, for a series that may or may not ever get to air on TV in 2013, when the 2012 election will be moot? Such is the case with Gajillionaires, a half-hour animated series created and written by Yoni Brenner (co-writer of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs). It’s about two brothers, Benjamin and George Krabbe, who are so...

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Buy a limited-edition David Cross “Throbblehead” figure

Want to be one of only 1,000 people to own a David Cross “Throbblehead” figure? Well, you just may be in luck! Aggronautix has partnered with Fun Fun Fun Fest, the annual music and comedy festival held in Austin (Nov. 2-4 in 2012), on two new “Throbblehead” 7-inch-tall figures — one of Damian (from the Toronto band, Fucked Up), and the other of comedian and actor David Cross. The David Cross Throbblehead is available for pre-order now via Aggronautix for $19.95, with shipment in late November — just in time for the holidays! But. BUT. They’re only making 1,000...

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The Mindy (Tucker) Project: “One Year in Comedy”

Spend any time in the black-box theaters and back-room bars of New York City’s comedy scene, and you’ll undoubtedly see Mindy Tucker and her camera, documenting the action from just offstage. Spend any time with Tucker, and you’ll soon find yourself changing the social-media profile pictures you use to ones taken by her. She has that knack for capturing you in your best light, no matter the light. After several years and thousands of snapshots, Tucker has collected more than 500 of them for an exhibition that covers the restaurant walls of The Creek and The Cave in Long...

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The Bill Murray Show #9, with Sting and Griffin Dunne

Mark Malkoff still hopes to have Bill Murray over for dinner at Malkoff’s apartment in Queens. All is not lost as his My Damn Channel series, “The Bill Murray Show,” hits episode #9 this week. In fact — not only did Malkoff see an advance screening of Murray’s new movie, Hyde Park on the Hudson (it’s the film in which Murray plays FDR!), but he also managed to snag both Sting and Griffin Dunne on camera afterward. Will Sting and/or Griffin Dunne come through for Malkoff with advice? Or even better, convince Murray to visit Malkoff and his wife...

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