Day: July 25, 2012

Late-night TV stand-up demographic scorecard: First half, 2012

Remember when The New York Times profiled Eddie Brill into a corner and caused an uproar both within CBS and Late Show with David Letterman — which took away Brill’s power to book stand-up comedians on Letterman after almost 11 years — and within the comedy community, which debated whether female comics really do “act like men” to please audiences? That was six months ago. Most people focused on the sillier aspects of the NYT piece. The backbiting by other comedians. Women not being feminine onstage. Women being too feminine onstage. That Brill got to perform on Late Show...

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Simon Amstell, “Numb” in New York City

For someone who grew up on camera in front of much of England the United Kingdom, and performs his one-man shows around the world, Simon Amstell remains socially awkward, lonely and depressed. That much Amstell is quick to remind his audiences in his latest one-man show, Numb. “That’s the hour!” he cheekily tells a New York City audience. After performing it in front of sold-out theater crowds in the UK and Australia this spring, Amstell has brought Numb to NYC to, as he says more than once, “break (into) America.” He’s halfway through his first five-week stab at doing...

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The 14th Del Close Marathon: Now with more TV starpower

Gil Ozeri stared down Adam Pally for a few seconds that seemed to stop time. Then Ozeri bum-rushed Pally and tackled him onstage. That a sold-out crowd of 479 in the School of the Visual Arts Theatre looked on didn’t seem to deter them from turning their hourlong improv comedy show into a fight. After all, only a few moments earlier, Pally (one of the stars of ABC’s Happy Endings) had swung a chair that struck Ozeri (a writer for Happy Endings) in the face.┬áBen Schwartz (Showtime’s House of Lies; Jean-Ralphio on NBC’s Parks and Recreation), the third member...

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