Day: July 2, 2012

Matt Kirshen returns to Ferguson, reveals his dangerous teeth

Matt Kirshen seemed really, really happy to be back on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Friday night. Turns out that’s merely Kirshen’s default facial expression! Kirshen revealed that and more in his performance here. Especially the dangers in having big front teeth. And that’s all you wanted for Christmas, wasn’t it? You’re two front teeth? Kirshen probably wishes he gets to keep his front teeth each Yuletide. It could be worse, though. He could have the Plague. The Plague! Roll the...

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YouTube accepting applications for its Next Comic program

Have you ever looked at YouTube and seen people you’ve never heard of rack up millions of views and wonder, how did that happen? How could that happen for me? Well, you may be in luck. Maybe. YouTube has launched a new development and mentoring program called YouTube Next Comic. The YouTube Next Comic program includes not only $10,000 of promotional help from the Internet’s dominant source for videos, but also training from August through October 2012 that includes mentoring from YouTube stars and pros such as, educational workshops via Google+ Hangouts, and $5,000 in video equipment. Video...

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Denis Leary’s new song, “Kiss My Ass”

Lee Greenwood has “Proud to be an American.” Denis Leary has “Kiss My Ass.” Because that’s Leary’s way to announce his American pride for this Fourth of July holiday week. And in the video for Leary’s new song with his band, The Enablers, we see how he celebrates the lazy, overprivileged American lifestyle. One step closer to Idiocracy, right? The music video debuted today on Funny or Die. Does the song include language that’s Not Safe For Work? What do you think? Roll it! If you truly enjoyed this song so much that you’d like to listen to it...

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