Month: May 2012

R.I.P. John Fox (1957-2012)

John Fox has died from colon cancer. The comedian was 54. Fox liked to joke that he looked like Nick Nolte’s headshot and told jokes that suggested he lived even bawdier — he was the kind of dirty club comic that inspired other comedians to write songs about him. Here is Pat Godwin singing, “The Legend of John Fox,” on The Bob & Tom Show. So would there even be that scene in I Am Comic without a comic such as John Fox? Fox made his living on the club circuit, and for a time he also appeared on...

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Watch full episode sneaks of Comedy Bang! Bang! and Bunk, coming to IFC in June 2012

IFC’s latest greatest comedy series do not debut until June, but don’t tell that to the Internet! Because has unleashed two sample episodes of Comedy Bang! Bang! and Bunk to whet your appetites over the holiday weekend and up until June 8, 2012. In the second episode of CBB, host Scott Aukerman sits down with Amy Poehler, bandleader Reggie Watts goes old-school English and really real. Really real weird. Ladies? Not sure I understood everything that was happening, but I do know who Mavis and Fred Berry are, so pffffft. Watch out for those end credits! And in...

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Goofing off, pranks and more: The Brendon Walsh interview

Brendon Walsh has a new half-hour of stand-up on Comedy Central this week with the release of his episode of The Half Hour, but if Walsh plays his cards right, he could have a series with the cable channel, too. “It’s like a slacker comedy,” Walsh said of the script deal he sold to Comedy Central. “It takes place in Austin, and stars some people who are too old to be goofing off.” Sounds more than a bit like the Brendon Walsh I’ve come to know over the past several years. But first, here’s a teaser clip from Walsh’s...

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John Ramsey on Conan

We’ve been around the bend and across the globe with comedian John Ramsey, and here he is back in our lives and on our TV screens with this appearance on Conan. Let Ramsey make you rethink everything you know about pineapples, bananas, unicorns, centaurs and sea horses. Roll the...

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Tom Cotter’s audition on America’s Got Talent 7, season 2012

Every year, a few stand-up comedians throw themselves into the mix that is NBC’s America’s Got Talent, and it’s always interesting to see how the judges react — considering former stand-up comedian Howie Mandel is among them. This season, Tom Cotter made a wise decision in cutting the time from premise-to-punchline as close as possible to land as many jokes as he could. Cotter makes it through to the next round. Roll the...

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