Day: March 22, 2012

Comedians with cancer: How to help them, and also help yourselves

Comedians perform at benefit shows on a regular basis (particularly in New York City and Los Angeles), lending their laugh-making skills to raise money for all sorts of causes — from pet shelters to education to public service and health care. The benefits that hit home most for the comedy community, of course, are those hastily arranged to help pay the hospital bills for a stand-up comic who is suffering. Two long-time stand-ups are currently battling for their lives against cancer. Ron Shock, who began his comedy career relatively late at the age of 40 but did so in...

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Wendy Liebman on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Wendy Liebman brought her trademark stand-up delivery to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, and confessed her love for Fallon, The Roots and NYC. The pacing of her jokes, from the delayed punchlines to even more-delayed tags, has influenced a generation of stand-ups. Don’t pay any attention to the fact that NBC cuts the beginning and end of her set to make it fit into five minutes. Weird rule on their part, if you ask me. Did you ask me? Just listen to her jokes, would you, please? Liebman is headlining the Women in Comedy Festival this Saturday...

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Could the future of NBC’s “The Office” be any more uncertain?

As NBC’s The Office nears the end of its eighth season this spring, so many things remain up in the air — both in the sitcom’s plot, as well as behind the scenes — that what are we to make of a season nine, if there even is one? For those of you not following along, let’s recap. On the show: Erin essentially abandoned her job as the receptionist to stay in Tallahassee, while Andy did likewise to win her back. In his absence, Nellie filled the vacuum and anointed herself office manager in Scranton, with the apparent blessing...

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