Day: September 28, 2010

Please welcome Stiller & Meara to Internet!

Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, for you kids who only watch King of Queens and Seinfeld reruns, are the parents of Ben Stiller. For you kids who don't know who Ben Stiller is, then, well, you're young. I get it. Stiller and Meara, meanwhile, have been a comedy and life team for several decades who graduated from Second City and performed regularly on the Ed Sullivan Show. For you kids who don't know who Ed Sullivan is, then me telling you about the Beatles probably isn't going to help. All of which is to say that Stiller and Meara have launched their own Internet series. On Yahoo! Please welcome them. Roll the clip! In episode two, Stiller and Meara briefly discuss the MTV garbage known as Jersey Shore. You can also follow @STILLERandMEARA on...

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Who thinks ranking SNL cast members is a good idea?

As if the cast members on Saturday Night Live didn't already feel like they live in a constant pressure cooker already, wondering from week to week and day to day if they're ready for late-night network television and validated by Lorne Michaels to continue their comedy careers…now there are multiple people ranking them statistically and otherwise. Splitsider launched what it calls an "SNL Horse Race Roundup," because performing comedy on TV is a horse race and the end goal is to be on the show more than your fellow castmates. What's that? You didn't get a lot of screen time last Saturday? Start worrying extra hard now, because your time is being tracked and compared to everyone else on the show. Best Week Ever, which continues as a blog, if not an actual Vh1 show (so please stop pestering Paul F. Tompkins with questions about it because it's not his fault), has launched its own quantitative analysis and power rankings of the SNL cast. It assigns number values to each cast member based on his or her appearances as well as performances in sketches. Guess what, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader? You're winning so far! Isn't that great news you can take back to 30 Rock with you today? Good grief. It's one thing to assign arbitrary rankings to the fictional characters of, say, Mad Men. But that's a...

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Too soon for a Roast: Friars Club postpones Quentin Tarantino fete after his longtime editor dies in L.A. heat

For all of you people who thought the constant chatter from people yesterday about the heat in Los Angeles was a joke, or worse a bad joke, well, it has turned into sad news. Sally Menke, longtime film editor of Quentin Tarantino, died sometime yesterday after walking her dog in L.A.'s Beachwood Canyon, in the Hollywood Hills near Griffith Park. The Friars Club had planned to make Tarantino the target of its annual Roast this coming Friday, Oct. 1, 2010, but told The Hollywood Reporter that it would postpone the event and find a new date. Official statement:...

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