Day: September 3, 2010

ESPN’s The Pretty Good Sports Show in NYC has a pretty intense new ad to promote the U.S. Open

As ESPN has been rolling out individual city sites for its online sports empire, the network has introduced specialty programming, and in ESPN New York, that includes weekly doses of comedy thanks to "The Pretty Good Sports Show." It's hosted by New York City comedians Adam Lustick (Harvard Sailing Team, Snakes) and Matt Fisher (Sidecar, The Law Firm). That's them pictured right here. On the right. You can see them in their sketch and improv groups at places such as The PIT, the UCB Theatre and other places. Other places. I'm clearly reporting like a guy who knows it's Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend. Their most recent new new thing is a promotional campaign to get even the most casual tennis fans excited about the U.S. Open, which opened play earlier this week at Flushing Meadows. The 7 train goes there. Roll the clip! New episodes debut online each Wednesday. I chatted with head writer and director Craig Rowin (himself a UCB performer with The Law Firm and the UCB TourCo) about the program. Reading is fundamental, so let's get to rif'ing. How did the show come about? Did ESPN come to you guys, or did you pitch them? And what's the turnaround like? "We write the episodes every Monday, shoot them Tuesday and they go up Wednesday. The writers are me, Caitlin Tegart, Matt Fisher and Adam Lustick....

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Ochi’s Lounge is empty once again; Comix basement shows go homeless

Ochi's Lounge, which opened three years ago in the basement of NYC comedy club Comix and simultaneously offered a bar and stage for several independently produced stand-up comedy shows while also confusing unsuspecting audience members from Comix's mainstage who were looking for the bathrooms, has closed. A new investor plans on renovating the space. No further details are known at this point. Kambri Crews sent out an email to comedians this morning to announce the closure, and also posted it on the Ochi's Lounge's Facebook page. Crews, Comix's publicist, convinced the club to stage shows in the basement in 2007 shortly after the closure of another popular indie comedy room, Mo Pitkins, had left several shows without a home. Earlier this year, Comix reduced its operating schedule, eliminating shows on nights early in the workweek. Now, all of the remaining Ochi's shows find themselves seeking new homes. Crews wrote: "After three years of fighting to keep it open, free and cheap, it is with great sadness that I report that Ochi's was officially closed. I want to thank each of you for giving that room so much charm and community. The joy I felt in that room was never short of stupendous. I'm sure going to miss it. Special thanks to Mr. John Morrison for the loan of the lighting system for over two years! His generosity and support...

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