Day: August 30, 2010

Which apartment building plays host to its very own comedy show, and soon its own comedy festival?

Every once in a while, you'll see a live stand-up comedy show somewhere you'd least expect to, like, say, someone's apartment. Chris Gethard (Comedy Central's Big Lake, UCB-NY star) did this as stunt once. In Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood, however, there's an apartment building that not only hosts its very own weekly comedy show for its residents and friends, but also is about to throw a weeklong comedy festival in a variety of spaces open and not-so-open throughout the building. Welcome to CastleBraid. As profiled earlier this summer in the New York Times, CastleBraid is more than gentrifying Bushwick all by itself, with a complex that caters to artists with a recording studio, lending library and screening room. And with a marketing director who also is a stand-up comic in Taylor Clark, maybe it's not so surprising to learn that he decided to carve out a spot for comedy within the building. Comedian Scott Moran has produced the weekly show on Thursdays for the past four months — I was at a show the week they moved it from a vacant apartment to the screening room — though the weekly show will be dark for the next few weeks to prepare for the Castlebraid Comedy Festival: Sept. 20-25, 2010. The Tumblr has been releasing names of the performers a couple at a time each day. So far, they've said they'll...

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A PSA from Delocated’s Jon Glaser: How to stay cool while wearing a ski mask all summer

My friends at Asylum caught up with comedian Jon Glaser on the set of his Adult Swim series, Delocated (airing Sunday nights, two episodes into the second season, which I hope and trust you're all watching because it's now twice as fun at a half-hour length!). And Glaser had these handy tips for you to stay cool during this deathly hot summer, especially if you have to wear a ski mask. "Chip chop, beat the...

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