Day: August 21, 2010

Return of the Emotional Ninja: Whitney Cummings gives us her “Money Shot” on Comedy Central

If it seems like only about a year ago that many of you didn't know who Whitney Cummings is, then your memory is not fooling you. Cummings burst on the scene in a big way last year when Comedy Central promoted her from roast joke-writer to roast joke-teller for its honoring of Joan Rivers, and brought her back to the dais once more this past month to take down David Hasselhoff. But Cummings has been plying her stand-up for more than a few years, in addition to playing character roles in major motion pictures, and has certainly gotten our collective attention — something she didn't need to speak loudly, or wear loud lipstick to do, although she does both of these things on Money Shot, her new one-hour special that debuted late Saturday night on Comedy Central. Cummings jokingly described her Money Shot look to me as "tranny lipstick and Al Sharpton hair, bedaZzled shirt," then boasted, "I'm the Lady Gaga of comedy." I don't know. Lady Gaga gets me all hot and bothered. When Cummings found that out, she reconsidered: "No, maybe more like the RuPaul of comedy." You work it, girl. If you've become a fan of Cummings already, then you probably have picked up her 2009 CD, Emotional Ninja. Much of the material on Money Shot — shot in her hometown of Washington, D.C., — covers...

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Jimmy Fallon might read your Tweets to introduce Emmy presenters; watch his Mad Men promo, too

Jimmy Fallon and several members of his Late Night crew are in Los Angeles, preparing for next Sunday's telecast of the Emmys, which Fallon is hosting on NBC. They've done a lot of interactive work with the audience in late night, notably using Fallon's early and massive following on Twitter (more than 2.74 million people have subscribed to @jimmyfallon), and the host told the AP late Friday that Twitter users would be able to suggest their own introductions for as many as 15 of the Emmy presenters on the live Aug. 29 broadcast. Fallon and company will pick their favorite Tweets and have Fallon read them aloud. As an example, he told the AP: "(At)blahblahblah says Jon Hamm is the hottest guy of all time. Here he is, Jon Hamm." Obviously, the actual winning Tweets will be much better than that, because you'll be contributing them! Last year, as you'll recall if you watched the Emmys, 2009 host Neil Patrick Harris asked John Hodgman to offer witty introductions for Emmy winners. You should be able to find a link to the Twitter suggestion pages and applicable presenters on NBC's Emmy site on Wednesday, Aug. 25. In the meantime, please enjoy this promo spoof of Mad Men that Jimmy Fallon did with Christina Hendricks. They filmed three separate endings, and the spoofs got pulled briefly earlier this week because Fallon...

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