Day: August 6, 2010

Finding the Americans amid the 876 comedy shows at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010

How many shows is too many different shows for one city in one month? I don't know the exact number, and neither do you (or do you?), but the Edinburgh Fringe kicked off its 2010 tonight with a schedule that includes 876 different comedy shows between tonight and the end of August. Bloody hell, that's a lot of comedy. One of these Augusts that's not this one, I'm going to make it across the pond to experience Edinburgh for meself. From the testimonials of friends and other comedians, it's quite something, trying to do your shows, get people to come to your shows, and finding some way to pay for it all. Of the hundreds, I did spot more than a few Yanks on the schedule this month. This year's American crop of comedy performers includes…with LINKS! Arj Barker, Baby Wants Candy, Bo Burnham, Caroline Rhea with Costaki Economopoulos, Celebrity Autobiography, Charlyne Yi, Danny Bevins, Dave Hill (performing both his one-man show, Big in Japan, as well as The Dave Hill Explosion),  the "Dirty Immigrant Collective" (Becky Donohue, Lee Camp, Desiree Burch, Katie Halper and Negin Farsad), Emo Philips, Henry Rollins, "The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy," Jennifer Coolidge, collegians Left Right TIM, Neil Hamburger, "Ronna and Beverly," Sandra Risser, and Skinny Bitch Jesus...

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Last Comic Standing executive producer Peter Engel provides “Words of Wisdom” before season 7 finale

With his tongue figuratively and firmly planted in cheek, executive producer Peter Engel has released several short "words of wisdom" remarks before the seventh-season finale of Last Comic Standing airs on NBC on Monday. Here he compares judges Andy Kindler, Alonzo Bodden, Joe Rogan somehow with Elena Kagan, who he says could not get confirmed by NBC. Includes NSFW language! Here he predicts the winner, or does he? More… Here he offers advice for the comics on winning a competition. Turns out it's drugs! Sort of. Roll it: Here he offers more advice for the comics on winning, which ironically involves using money they don't have yet to pay him off. Spoiler alert? Nope. Here he predicts the show's cancellation. Third time's the charm, right? And here he describes NBC's philosophy toward comedy, and encourages unfunny people to try out next time! Good luck with...

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Baron Vaughn on why he tends to develop crushes on female TV news anchors

Baron Vaughn and I share many common traits. OK, so maybe the hair isn't one of those commonalities. But we do both have a fascination with, and sometimes crush upon, the women who anchor the TV news. For me, it's for the love of journalism. Obviously. For Vaughn? Well, I'll let him explain in this clip from this coming Sunday's episode of Russell Simmons Presents on Comedy Central. Roll it! You also can see Vaughn later this year on USA's Facing...

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Need more reasons to follow Kristen Schaal?

So perhaps you know who Kristen Schaal is because you are a comedy fan already, or you saw her as the one true fan of the Flight of the Conchords on their HBO program, but in the past week or so, she has given us all more reasons to follow her. 1) With only a bit part in Dinner for Schmucks, Schaal went on Late Show with David Letterman and had Letterman eating out of her hands. Figuratively. 2) With her reappearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Schaal helped remind feminists and post-meta-feminists to shut up and just enjoy a woman being funny. 3) With her new book, The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex (co-written with her boyfriend, Daily Show writer Rich Blomquist), you can laugh about sex again without feeling weird about it. At live shows in New York City, Schaal has taken to reading selected excerpts, such as last night, when she read from her Taint Monologues, and threatened to eat all of our taints! She told me she doesn't have a book tour scheduled just yet, so please go to your local bookstore and demand to have Schaal invited to your town to read to you. 4) With her comedy partner, Kurt Braunohler, they are resurrecting their popular weekly variety show, Hot Tub, starting this coming Monday at Littlefield in Brooklyn. If you need...

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Why every office should have a scream room

As much as I love being my own boss, I love even more not having to deal with co-workers. You know what I mean. Seeing this video from Nick Turner and Jason Saenz, featuring Kevin Allison, Katina Corrao and Travis Irvine, would make me want to scream, but they have taken care of that for us. And given every office a great idea. Roll the clip! You can see more of their handiwork on Free Comedy. Ironically? Turner and Saenz also advertise themselves as Too Cool For School, which is a free comedy show they host on the first and third Fridays of the month at Coco 66 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Hey, today is a first Friday. Would you look at...

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