Day: February 19, 2010

“Drunk History” filmmakers talk to The Sound of Young America

You're going to see Jen Kirkman get drunk tonight on HBO and tell her version of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln as part of a new installment of "Drunk History" on Funny or Die Presents, with Don Cheadle and Will Ferrell playing the historical roles in a re-enactment. This comedic film won a short film prize at Sundance, and while at the fest, "Drunk History" co-creators Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner sat down with Jesse Thorn for a special filmed edition of The Sound of Young America. So if you'd like to watch and learn, well, then, do just that. Roll it! Earlier: Derek Waters explained the concept last year, also to the Maximum Fun...

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“Two And A Half Men,” without the laugh track, but with commentary

Remember how recently someone posted a video of the popular CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, but removed the audience's laughter from the scene in an attempt to point out how the jokes in the scene might not have been so funny? That inspired some different opinions on the nature of sitcoms and laugh tracks. Well, it was only a matter of time before the comedy community turned its eyes toward the even more popular CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men. Especially since most people I run into in comedy are not fans of the show that stars Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer and an ever-growing kid, and way too many sexual innuendos as punchlines week after week. So. The grown-up kids at CollegeHumor took aim on the show by examining this opening scene from an episode without the laugh track, telling us what you probably really heard from a cranky audience member. Ready for that? Roll the clip! Then discuss and debate how the most basic jokes about sex have appealed to wide audiences for generations upon...

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