Day: January 17, 2010

Clips and bits from Aziz Ansari’s “Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening”

I've been busy doing this, that and a lot of the other thing this weekend, so my full review of Aziz Ansari's hour special (and CD/DVD) will come your way later. But Comedy Central wasn't about to wait for me, airing its shortened version (41 minutes, 44 seconds) tonight of "Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening." If you stay up late, you can watch a longer, uncensored version as part of the secret stash at 1 a.m. Eastern, which also reportedly includes Ansari's "Raaaaaaaandy" documentary. Here are two clips directly from his special. First, here is Ansari talking about the dangers of looking up obscure information on the Internet, via his BlackBerry, while driving in Los Angeles: Second, here Ansari talks up the business nature of Cold Stone Creamery, which while not exactly "Raaaaaaaandy" material, does sound like it was written by the same guy. Clearly. "I'm tweaking! I'm tweaking! I'm tweaking!" Roll the clip. (Note: This is the NSFW uncensored version) In promoting the special, Ansari also made the rounds of late-night TV, such as it was last week, and you got to hear interesting variations on his material as he takes it to a panel discussion with the hosts, instead of telling it as stand-up. With Conan O'Brien on his show that must not be named, Ansari chats with Conan about buying sheets from Bed, Bath and...

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SNL #35.12 with Sigourney Weaver, The Ting Tings

After a full week of NBC-bashing by the various late-night TV talk-show hosts, how would the reigning big daddy of late-night TV comedy handle its own mockery? Not quite the way you'd think, or hope, even when it looked like they might just surprise you with something magically great. Not once. Not twice. Three times this happened on last night's Saturday Night Live. Let's go through the motions… The cold open imagined an edition of CNN's Larry King Live in which King (Fred Armisen) presides over a summit with Jay Leno (Darrell Hammond), Conan O'Brien (Bill Hader) and via satellite, David Letterman (Jason Sudeikis). Starts out with a funny line by Armisen about himself, quickly fizzles when you think, they brought Hammond back tonight for that impression of Leno? "C'mon. We didn't come here to have fun!" Prophetic. The voices are all over the place. And the jokes are, well, aimed at Larry King? Hammond and Hader are known for some great impersonations, but here, it seemed more about the look than the voice. Sudeikis, meanwhile, had a decent look but was reduced to the throwing-pencils shtick. But this sketch really only works if you forget about what's really happening at NBC and focus on making Larry King look silly. Wait. Maybe that was the point? Oh, also a Carson Daly (Will Forte) reference. Sigourney Weaver was our host...

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