Day: January 11, 2010

Conan assesses his options, 12:05, other networks, or something classier, such as porn?!?

Conan O'Brien addressed and assessed his various options in Monday's monologue, his first back on "The Tonight Show" since NBC told TV critics on Sunday that they were moving Jay Leno back to 11:35 p.m. in March, following the Winter Olympics. What about Conan? He said he could "star in a Lifetime original movie about a woman trapped in an abusive relationship with her network," host a BET show called "White All Night," follow 24 on FOX with "24:05," do "Project Funway" on Bravo. He also took a jab at Leno's chin, saying if he gained 10 pounds of chin he could fool NBC, or maybe get Gary Busey to head up programming, or leave show biz for something more respectable, such as hard core porn. So many options. And yet. What a mess for NBC, which is trying to make the "most" or "best" of it by televising it...

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Leno’s at it again tonight, thinks getting his old show back is a cancellation

Nobody tell Jay Leno that he actually won the NBC late-night wars — again — because in Monday night's monologue, his first since NBC told TV critics over the weekend that they were giving him his old time-slot in March after the Winter Olympics,  he came out joking about being cancelled. Among his quips, he noted that people "wanted drama at 10," and now they're getting it. Also, Leno says: "I take pride in one thing. I leave NBC primetime the same way I found it: A complete disaster." That's your prized possession, NBC. Be proud? Roll the...

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Pete Lee’s smear campaign against Todd Barry in Comedy Central’s Stand-Up Showdown

This got my attention. It reminds me of the fun comedians had trash-talking each other for a spot in the "coveted" AST Top 20 poll from the message board of message boards for comedy nerds. Things like the Comedy Central Stand-Up Showdown and the AST poll are silly, and I'd like to see more comedians acknowledge that silliness with videos like this. With that, here is Pete Lee's smear campaign against Todd Barry. At this writing, they're both in the top 20. Good luck, fellas!...

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Can SNL keep up with Internet memes? Alicia Keys booty call edition

As more people become more Internet savvy, I've often wondered how TV shows that rely on topical humor deal with the fact that so many would-be jokesters are making the same jokes about big topics so fast. Case in point: When Kanye West stormed the stage at the MTV awards a few months ago, before the night was over, someone had uploaded a YouTube video mashing up Kanye's performance with the Congressman who had interrupted President Obama. Game, set, match. The late-night TV shows all have topical monologues and already mine the same news headlines night after night — and in Saturday Night Live's case, they're at the end of the line (except when news breaks late Friday and Saturday). That's not what happened this past Saturday, however, when the "SNL Digital Short" employed musical guest Alicia Keys to have her make a booty call to (Andy Samberg). This, of course, is a play off of the actual music video Keys made for her song, "You Don't Know My Name." You can hear strains of the song playing in the background. But. Wait. This music video has been around since 2007. Watch the full video on YouTube (embedding disabled) and skip halfway through for the original phone call Keys makes to Mos Def. With more than two years to play with it, you'd have to figure that someone would...

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