Day: November 13, 2009

Some comedians not funny enough for “The Very Funny Show” on TBS?! 15 get cut from tapings

When TBS announced the lineups for its inaugural stand-up showcase series, The Very Funny Show, I looked at the list yesterday, posted it, then did a double- and triple-take wondering what was missing. What were missing were several of the comedians who performed sets for the show when it taped at Zanies in Chicago's North End during the TBS/Just For Laughs Chicago festival. I knew this — not only because I had posted the initial press release in May with a different set of stand-ups, but also because I was there to watch some of it in person. You can see me filming Godfrey behind Zanies during production (and also other comics in the background). Roll it, me! What happened? When the 10-episode order went from production to reality, and TBS decided upon pairings of two per half-hour, that wasn't going to leave enough room for everyone. Network sources told me they made edits based upon who paired well. Those who didn't make the cut still could show up on TBS at a later date. Whether that's in a second "season" of the show, or in ads promoting the series, or other interstitials, is something TBS is going to have to figure out. Sorry to be the messenger of this unlucky Friday the 13th news, my funny friends. One of the comics I contacted last night had no idea...

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CollegeHumor’s Streeter and Amir take their Prank War to new heights on Jimmy Kimmel Live?

Streeter Seidell and Amir Blumenfeld have been pranking each other for years now, only their pranks are big-budget and seen by millions on the Internets, because Streeter and Amir work for You can find Streeter and Amir's full Prank War collection here. This time they've reached new heights, literally and figuratively, as the latest prank involved sky-diving, and also debuted on TV on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Streeter and Amir explained it all to Kimmel. Doing shots of limoncello with Danny DeVito is merely a bonus, right? But is their best effort yet? Well, there is the element of death involved. I don't know. I'm going to need some Axe body spray money to make up my mind. In the meantime, here is their TV appearance in two parts, followed by the full CollegeHumor version. Roll the...

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“2012” movie opens today nationwide; will it be “awesome” or will it be “tight”?

It's Friday the 13th, and this time around, Hollywood's movie complex is giving us a complex about the Mayan predictions that the world will end in 2012. Fairly safe bet that the big-budget CGI 2012 film will be big at the box-office this weekend? But more important than what any of the so-called critics say, will it be "awesome" or will it be "tight"? That's debate between our "Hey, That's Awesome!" Internet movie trailer analyst, Stinson and his guest, SNL's Bobby Moynihan. Let's watch and see who's more convincing. "Is that the guy from Serendipity?" Why, yes. Yes it is. Roll the...

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