Day: November 9, 2009

Can we blame Tyler Perry for “Sheneneh and Wanda” returning to the big screen? Yes we can

Tyler Perry has made mega-millions by dressing up like an old lady named Madea and telling it like she thinks it is. Of course, Perry wasn't the first comedian to come up with this comedy trope — Flip Wilson's Geraldine was doing this on primetime network TV a generation earlier! But for you kids out there, you're probably more familiar with Martin Lawrence's homage to Flip in Sheneneh (or even more so, his Big Momma movies) as well as Jamie Foxx's early TV turn as Wanda on In Living Color. So the duo turned the tables on Perry with this parody they filmed this year for BET. And Hollywood being Hollywood, someone with money bags thought if Tyler Perry can mint money, and these guys already have done it, why not stretch out their two-minute Skank Robber sketch to 90 minutes?...

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Initial thoughts on “The Wanda Sykes Show” with the full debut in VIDEO

People want to know about the debut of any late-night talk show, even if the debut is not necessarily going to be a good judge of what the show will end up looking and sounding like. These things take time. That said, Wanda Sykes launched her new entry into late-night TV this past Saturday night on FOX (replacing MADtv, which meant she'd be going against Saturday Night Live for her second half-hour), and you probably want to know how it went. Here are a few thoughts on The Wanda Sykes Show… Sykes started with a fairly strong monologue. Sure, she showed her liberal stripes — which, being on FOX, played to her rebellious streak — but compared to weekly rants by Bill Maher on HBO (or D.L. Hughley a year ago on CNN), it's not too dangerous of a proposition. And Sykes made sure to deliver. In her second segment, she introduced her longtime friend and opening act Keith Robinson, who is playing the role of her sidekick. Robinson is a frequent host at the Comedy Cellar in NYC, and any of his friends routinely call him a "dummy." And not in the Jeff Dunham way. Sykes let Robinson go off on a bit he wanted to talk about having a superpower that identifies babies crying??? They did have some fun with video soon afterward, though. There also was...

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